Turning Archive 2006

Huge Gloat!

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I leave tomorrow morning on an 8:15am flight for Hampton, New Hampshire and the famed Windsor Institute run by Michael Dunbar Ė woohoooo! Iím actually going to be there for two weeks, beginning with the Sack Back Windsor, then the second week Iíll learn to build the NYC Bow Back Side chair. I really canít believe Iím getting to do this, but a very gracious gentleman I work for has agreed to let me study under Mike Dunbar for three weeks, with Drew Langsner for a week, with a professional Photographer at John Campbell, and for an entire week with Richard Raffan!!! Life has been so busy and crazy that Iíve hardly had time to even check in here lately, but Iíll check in when I get back with pictures of my adventures.

See you folks in two weeks!

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