Turning Archive 2006

Gathering info update

>I am trying to complete our demo schedule by this Sunday. If anyone has something that they would like to demo please let me know before then. There will be a lot of hands-on around lathes in addition to the demos; attendees can see a presentation if they choose or they can just get together with other turners around a lathe. We will meet in 3 locations and each location will have multiple lathes. My shop will have 4 areas with multiple lathes in each location, our club meeting facility will have several lathes and some tables for pyrography and such, and we have another member's shop with 2 lathes if we need it. All total we anticipate at least 15 lathes to be operable. If you are bringing a lathe you might also bring a 12 gauge extension cord. If you plan to come and haven't let me know then plan on a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. If you are coming I need to know how many are coming with you so that we have enough food for all. Currently we have about 60 from WC who plan to be here and a large number from area clubs that are joining in too and we will have a substantial number of attendees that are just thinking about getting into turning and will be dropping in for a while to see what this sport is all about. We also have some collectors that want to stop in for a while and see how things are done. We will start the cooking Monday evening for those arriving early. Demos will start at 10 am on April 25 although there will be lathes running before then. If you are bringing a chuck the threads on our lathes are 1"-8 and 1 1/4"-8. If you have a bowl gouge that is giving you trouble bring it.

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