Turning Archive 2006

Non power sanding question

Curtis TX
>I've been turning for about 6 months and have become addicted. No surprise, right? I am turning bowls, boxes and HF's on a Jet mini. I read the posts daily and learn a lot from this group. This forum is great about posting pictures and honest critiques.

Now for the question. Sanding is proving challenging for me. I am using the box of 4 rolls of 1" sandpaper. 150 to 400 grit. I end up with sanding rings on almost very project. I will stop the lathe and sand with the grain to remove the rings. I am sanding by hand. I am considering an alternative to hand sanding. I see lots of posts about power sanding. However I don't see anything about the non-powered sanding tools. Like the Sorby Sandmaster and others. They use the rotation of the lathe to spin the disk. Are these a good alternative? Do they reduce or eliminate sanding rings? Or will I end up put this on the shelf and spending big bucks on a power sander?

Thanks for your time.

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