Turning Archive 2006

Thanks Mike Schwing *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>and everyone else who spoke their minds on Volcano Boy. You stated what should have ben painfully obvious to me, it looked crappy. Granted the pic made him look a bit darker than it was live, but still it was too sharp a contrast and that was not even remotely what I had initially wanted. I wanted it to be aged, almost worn away and subtle. Which is 180 from what I posted yesterday. Chalk it up to clouded judgment of finally "finishing" a piece which I had in my mind for months.

Today I gave him the makeover. Really took him down a lot almost to the point where you are not quite sure you see something in there. Softened up the hard edges a bit, and most of the ebonizing only remains in the pores. Now I see more of the natural grain showing and he really needs to be held and tilted in the light to get the effect. The only thing left to do is take down some of the semi gloss once the oil dries a little bit. Doesn't anyone make 2 minute oil???

Yes this new development still needs further exploration and refinement, but for a first try, I am quite pleased now. This was just about impossible for me to photograph. Maybe John Lucas will chime in with some ideas. How about it John?

Thanks to all for not beating around the bush. Sometimes I need to be smacked in the head with a dull bowl gouge before I see the light.

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