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Gonna float this to see interest....

KurtK in Indy
>Hello folks. Some of you do and most of you don't know that I have a friend with a veneering company. They are a pretty big outfit and he calls me when he gets some very interesting cut offs. I stopped by to see him today and got a couple nice slabs of claro walnut crotch with some burl in it also....needless to say, it is magnificent.

He then asked me if I was interested in a stockpile of walnut he had been personally saving for his own use for the last several years. he showed me this pile of walnut slabs and I kinda fell over when I looked at some of the grain and figure. I mean...it's all over the board as far as nice big pieces and also flitch type pieces that would make beautiful platters. I would say there is probably about 600BF (by my calculation) of blanks, slabs, cants, etc...

Here's my question....I don't need nor have I room for this much turning stock. There was 2 skids of chunks, both skids combined probably 10-11'L x 42"w and the chunks were piled probably 2-3 feet high. He is making this available at a real steal of a price, but I'm pretty busy right now to do much prep to sell work on this stuff and am curious to know if there is anyone who may have an interest in partnering with me on the purchase of this.

I think this is a steal...like I said, this is his personal stash and he has the pick of the best stuff that comes out of his high end veneer mill. I just want to know if there is anyone out there interested in going in on some of this??

Because I didn't have my camera with me, I didn't get any pictures of the stuff, but I did grab a piece that I plan to clean up and get a picture of.

Let me know. If there is enough interest, I'll claim the stuff and put it on the classifieds and give a portion of the sales to Ellis Island.

Thanks for any replies.

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