Turning Archive 2006

Volcano Boy *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>Continuing along with my textured series, this finally starts to incorporate my paintings from the early 90's. Volcano Boy was from my series Cave Art for the 90's, a few hundred works of vaying mediums which were based around mystical creatures and symbols which are left open to interpretation by the viewers. The series was done to contrast ancient work with today's mass produced creations. The symbols are always outlined with any detail work being provided by the surface underneath, as in original Cave Paintings.

I've been inspired by Molly's works, and thanks to them, I look to return to my old works in a more 3d interpretation.

The textures have gotten more developed now and I am adding more or a sense of aging by the use of random ebonizing, which is also used for the character.

Comments welcome as always

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