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Amity Model 1000 HVLP unit?

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Hi everyone,

A friend here at work has an almost brand new Amity Model 1000 HVLP unit for sale. The old Amity catalog he lent me lists the retail as $725, but he's willing to part with it for $250. I know the guy and have a good feeling as to the condition of this tool. Using Yahoo, (and being pressed for time) I was unable to find a link to Amity's web site.

The literature reads:

"Our most popular turbine. This unit has all the power you need to spray Amity water-based finishes (and lighter lacquers). The model 100 is enclosed in a small case that is easy to carry, and small enough to sit on a shelf in your shop. Can be used with the quart cup that is included, or connected to our 2 quart remote cup, or a 2.5 gallon pressure pot/fluid system. Outperforms competitive turbines selling for hundreds more. Includes Series II Professional Spray Gun, Quart Cup Assembly, and 20' Air Hose".

My idea is to use this to spray thinned furniture grade lacquer on vases, bowls, and furniture. But I wouldn't mind trying out water based lacquer at some time.

Do you think it's worth $250?

Thanks in advance,


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Amity Model 1000 HVLP unit?
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