Turning Archive 2006

Ring of Fire *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>OK I want some serious feedback on this one, good and bad. Just finished an hour ago, it's most likely my entry for the Long Island Woodworking show this weekend. Most likely because my backup piece is the lidded cherry vessel with the texture I showed a few weeks ago. I think this one tops it. We only can have on piece judged, so I am hoping to pick the right one.

7" Cherry body, walnut textured lid, maple beam, and Pink Ivory flame. Thanks go to Scott Longberry for this Ivory, he generously gave it to me in the wood exchange. It is very dense heavy wood but finished up almost like stone. Not nearly as fragile as you might think on the narrow flames. The beam runs thru the flame and it about 1/8" thick where it goes thru, narrowing from the lid and also curving on top and bottom. The flames arch against each other, better shown in the next pic.

Check out the rest of the pics and let me know your thoughts.

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