Turning Archive 2006


William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>Some photos of spindle turnings. These are recently created tools from the Loxahatchee Toolworks, whose design, materials and techniques were strongly dependent on the friendship, help and cooperation of WoodCentral friends.

From top to bottom:

The burnisher is from bocote, a brass compression nut, and a recycled carbide high pressure water cutting tool nozzle. The donor of the carbide must remain unnamed.

I finished this carving mallet last night, from a piece of Eastern Hophornbeam, Ostrya virginiana. This is also known as ironwood, for very good reason. My appreciation to Greg Bétit for rescuing this from a firewood pile. If it's tough enough for L-N bench chisel handles, it should hold up to bashing on chisel handles. It's 3" in diameter, and blanks in this size (without pith) are very difficult to find, anywhere.

Two horsehair brushes, the larger from bocote, for cleaning plane mouths. The smaller is made from white oak. It's short bristles are stiffer, making it useful for cleaning rasps. The bristles of both of these are set in epoxy.

Another horsehair bench brush, longer bristles also useful for cleaning keyboard, etc. It is set with yellow carpenters glue into a mahogany handle. Thanks to John B Aniano, Bowmaker, for recycling the offcuts of $400 per lb. bow string material for all three brushes, instead of just tossing it in the trash.

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