Turning Archive 2006

Banded Cherry Bowl

>Hi gang,

Here's something I've been playing around with. I'm very tentative with my carver as you can see here. There's very little material removed....but I'm having fun with it. The bowl is cherry and the pegs are walnut. The peg holes were a real drag to chisel out and keep consistent. I desperatly need to make a carving stand to hold my chuck at the bench for stuff like this. I Learned a lot and had fun too. I used a thin burning pen to try to down play some of the poor chiseling for the pegs. Not sure if it helped or hurt. I was envisioning an Arts & Crafts look. Not sure if I pulled it off or not? I wish I had some different angles of this....the banding looks a lot better and more 3-D from a birds eye view.

This one is aobut 7" diameter. Tried a new finish. Sam Maloof Oil and Wax finish...wipe on from a can. Anyway...let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking,


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