Turning Archive 2006

2 Board Feet

Marsh Pronneke
>Hey all you turners,
It looks like there are about 8 more days to have your entries in for the competion. What's the hold up, or are you waiting till the last minuet to put your entry in?

I'm working at an entry, was working at it till I had to go out of state on the 9th and would not be back till the 15th. Once I got back and happened to look at the site and saw that Ellis had extended the deadline till the 31st!

Great I might find time to finish my project by then so I can get mine entered.
That is if my employer will leave me alone so I can have some time in the shop!

This on call 24x7 sure is getting old, and no quality time for the shop.

It's been so long since I have done any turning I'm almost having to retrain my self!

Well the glue has dried long enough back to finish this part.


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