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Topic for Tomorrow's Chat ??

>TD and All,

Just wondering what the chat topic was for tomorrow night? I'd like to make a suggestion that we do not use the Wednesday night "reserved for Turning" chat time for chat that is related to the symposium. The reason being is because the chat room is for everyone here on the board to learn and communicate and I feel like it leaves people out who are not going. If we want to chat about the upcoming symposium and such then we can gather in the room another time. There are plenty of other opportunities for that. I was bummed when I read Wally's post about not coming to the chats if we're going to be talking about the symposium, and I'm sure others felt the same as Wally..and so I am making the suggestion that we make sure the topic encompasses woodturning and not specific to any one outing or an event that not all are going to be involved with.

I'd love to propose the topic of getting into ruts, slumps....or lulls in our woodturning. Time when we just aren't feeling inspired to get out in the shop and turn...or when we do get out there...nothing seems to be coming off the lathe that we feel really good about. I'm actually in a good mode right now but I have these lulls sometime and they really get me down and would like to know how others deal with these times. Where do you get your inspiration!

Anyway...just a few thoughts?

TD I hope I'm not stepping on your toes here.


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