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Food safe sanding sealer?

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Hi everyone,

Sorry for the brevity of this. I gotta be quick since I'm at work.

I was working on a Silver Maple salad bowl last night and ran into some trouble with end grain. Even with some judicious use of a shear scraper, there were areas that I could not get rid of the end grain issue. It's right up against an raised area on the bowl rim that will featured some texturing bordered by some beads.

If this weren't a "food grade bowl", I would wet sand with Russ' 50 varnish/50 mineral spirits mix. I'm sure that would work. But I'm concerned about the varnish coming in contact with the food.

Does anyone know of a "food safe" mix, that would seal the end grain effectively, and I could use to wet sand?

Thanks in advance.

See ya around,


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