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Cole Jaws Timely Reminder (Bloody Picture) *PIC*

Peter Charles Fagg
>Friends, I have just been reading the thread on Cole jaws and felt compelled to make a contribution to the forum.

I stupidly used my Cole jaws to hold a piece last year that I was making for an exhibition deadline. I had turned for about 8 hours in a very hot shop. I was tired but determined to finish just this one bowl.

99 times out of a hundred if something comes loose on the lathe I jump to one side and let nature take its course but on this occasion I made a grab for the piece and stuck my fingers between the segments of the Cole Jaws! It damn near ripped off my fingers, well one of them at least!

It was interesting to see the tendons moving, though!!!

Hospital beckoned and 10 sutures later I returned home with a very swollen hand and a battered ego.

It happens SO quickly, even after 15 years of turning there is always that tiny moment of loss of concentration. BEWARE!

It was just the one finger that suffered, but it could so easily have been my whole hand!

The piece did eventually make it to the exhibition!!!

Regards Peter.

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