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Almond plate *PIC*

Colin Spencer
>Making this Almond plate was a challenge in more ways than one. This started out as a 12" natural edged bowl. I got some large pieces of Almond recently when an Almond grove was cut down. I decided to rough out a NE bowl, it ended up 12" by 4" and with a wall thickness of 1". I should have left it thicker!! The shavings were very wet and it was a delight to turn but as they landed on my bed it started to rust. Whatever is in the sap it certainly rusts steel instantly.

I left the bowl in my workshop wrapped up and weighed it regularly after only 4 weeks it had stopped loosing weight. I left it another week to make sure. There were a couple of small cracks in the walls but a bit of CA soon sorted those. I put it back on the lathe and started to turn it. It was certainly very dry and the chips did not rust the lathe. I did however find that it had moved a long way, much more than the 1" thickness that I had left. Just rounding the outside I went straight through. The base however had moved very little so it became a plate.

It ended up 6" in diameter, 1" thick with a wall thickness of 3/16". Finished with 2 coats of sanding sealer, Renaissance wax and buffed.

The challenge didn't stop there. Trying to take a photo I could not get the camera to focus and as I have no manual focus option I played around with the settings taking over 20 photos before I could get one to come out that was in focus.

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