Turning Archive 2006

Vibration Hollowing Bowl

Barry Turner
>I put my roughed-out box elder bowl back on the lathe yesterday. Its about 10" in diameter by about 6" tall. It had dried some, so I had decided to thin down the walls to hasten drying by taking a few hollowing cuts off the inside of the bowl. Although the bowl walls are well over an inch thick (1 1/8"), I get a low frequency vibration when I start the cut near the rim of the bowl. As I near the bottom, the vibration diminishes and goes away.

The bowl is mounted in my Super Nova chuck with a 2" stub tenon. The chuck is tightly seated against the spindle....no plastic washer or anything. The 2" standard jaws are tight on the tenon. The tenon is intact....not cracked or anything I am no longer using tailstock support as the bowl is now hollowed. The Crown PM 5/8" Ellsworth grind gouge is freshly sharpened. Still I get the vibration. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


PS Is it time for me to invest in a new Stronghold chuck? Or, do I just need to put this blank on the drying rack, wait a few weeks and let it finish drying before I come back to it?

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