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'Tis the season!

David Breth
>Tis the season to find curb wood
Fa la la la la la la ling down
So far I've got Birch and Maple
Fa la la la la la la ling down
Aren't we grateful for the windstorms
Fa la la la la la la ling down
Bringing trees to me at ground
Fa la la la la la la ling down

Enough - I actually have a question today. Say you've picked up a piece of wood that has some bug holes in it. Assuming we're not talking about termites or carpenter ants, what are the chances of introducing something terrible to your house? (I store nearly all my wood in the attached garage. It is elevated on one of those circular firewood storage deals). Are various bugs species dependent enough that it isn't a problem, or they need green wood so it isn't a problem, or am I fooling myself and it is a problem, don't store wood in the garage.

David B.

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'Tis the season!
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