Turning Archive 2006

Spalted maple burl NE bowl

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Last pic for now. This one is a piece of maple burl from a huge tree that was mostly maple burl I harvested a while ago. I have posted pics of other pieces from this tree in the past, as has my good friend Dominic Greco.

Maple burl, spalted a bit, with so many eyes that it would be very difficult to try and count them. Again, I took this along with me to my finishing class for finishing advice, since I was going anyway. I ended up French polishing this one, and then cutting it back a bit with some steel wool. It needs waxing for its final finish, but here it is so far.

This is a shot looking down. Size is 11" in diameter by 4" high, by 5/16" thick. I like the way the French polish came up on this, so I am going to use this on some more of the burls and other things I turn that I do not want to put on the buffing wheel.

Thanks for taking a look.


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