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Don Henthorn
>was looking at some old photographs the other night and came across this picture of a hollow form I made about 45 years ago. This was before scroll chucks, bowl gouges and all the other tools and stuff turners have today. We didnít call them hollow forms either. I may have posted this on Badger pond several years ago; I canít remember. Sorry for the poor photo but the object is packed away and I can't take another.

Anyway I thought this might be of interest to those who donít have the tools or havenít yet developed the skill to make hollow forms. This was made by turning two matching bowls, facing them off and gluing them together. The neck was added by drilling or turning a hole in the hollow form and building up what pleases you. I will readily admot to not being very creative in designing the neck, but I was just having fun. Although I have piddled around on the lathe for seventy years I am still a rank amateur having never had any instruction nor contact with other turners. Of course that isnít true any more because I have been reading the posts here for several years, but I am still an amateur. Hope this is of some interest to someone. (G)

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