Turning Archive 2006

inside out turning *PIC*

john lucas
>Here is one of my latest turnings. It is a test piece for something really cool I have in mind. I needed to see what dimensions I have to work with on the final piece. This is Hickory, the vessel is 9" tall 5" wide with the finial about 12" tall. The finial is Padauk. Finish is lacquer.

I'll be demonstrating inside-out turning in Chattanooga tomorrow. I'll be doing a christmas ornament for them but the technique is the same.

From a critique standpoint I'm not sure I like the finial. This is the second finial I made and it still feels awkward to me. Somehow it just doesn't flow from the vessel to the finial.

The vesssel is pretty good but I wanted to make the bottom a little smaller. I couldn't because it was starting to cause problems with the openings in the sides. Any narrower and the bottom of the opening would have flattened out.

I did get to play with the John Jordan shear scraper. I have never been able to use a scraper very well on this type of vessel because it tears out the side grain wood on the leading edge of each opening. John's scraper did really well here as long as I did very light cuts. I'm really impressed with this tool.

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