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Drying Fresh Cut Stock

Joe Burke
>We've had a tree or two cut, one big crabapple, and as I've done in the past, I'm trying to save some wood for future, nostalgic use. On the lathe .... btw.

The log sections were cut to roughly the same length as diameter and then halved through the heart .... in some cases not halved ... wherever the heart dictated. I painted the ends with a good coat of latex paint.

I thought of bagging them to slow moisture loss but simply didn't follow through.

I guess the questions are .... how best to store them now and how much checking is to be expected. I've been down this road before and I'd like to give this batch a bit more attention.

I sold my lathe when I moved my shop and will wait until I can get what I'd like before I leap again, so, no wet turning options. I need to put them away and let them do their thing.

The tree was cut a week ago.


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