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(OT) Any computer guru's out there?

Doug Trembath
>Man, I just can't seem to end my computer troubles. Now, when I'm perusing the internet, I can see any site I want to, but sometime during my wanderings, I will click on a new link, and the computer reboots. Now, while restoring my system, I purchased and installed the latest stuff from Norton, System Works, Personal Firewall, and AntiSpam. I have done all of the updates for these and MS Windows XP. I never had any problem until I had to install a new Hard Drive and restore all of my info. (I was happily able to save my personal stuff.) This is driving me crazy!

I ran Spybots, too.

Any ideas? Is there a Worm, virus, Trojan, or ANYTHING anyone is familiar with that will result in this? Happens only while on the internet. My kid uses my computer for internet access, too, and she is driving me nuts as well.

Save me from a sixteen year old, PLEASE.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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