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Chuck Safe Driver - Should OneWay make one? *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>There are a LOT of OneWay owners in our turning group. If not lathe owners, most everyone at least owns a chuck. (I'm in the chuck group with a Talon.)

At our meetings, it has often been mentioned about how wonderful the OneWay Safe Driver is, especially for those teaching new turners.

It has also been frequently mentioned how nice it is to use the Chuck Spur Driver, which locks into a OneWay chuck without having to ever remove the chuck from the lathe.

OneWay says the Chuck Spur Driver is to allow you to put a large piece between centers to turn a tenon so it can be mounted in the chuck. (A little different from using the Safe Driver, which would be used primarily for spindle work.)

Several of our group mount the Safe Driver in the chuck, even though it is a Morse Taper fit, and clamp down on it.

I suggested to OneWay that they make (that there might be a market for) a Chuck Safe Driver, which I'm thinking would be than using the Safe Driver with a Morse Taper in the chuck. They asked me to solicite opinions from our group at a demo this weekend and I thought I'd ask here as well.

Link below to OneWay's Chuck Spur and Safe Driver page.

Thanks in advance for your input,

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