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White glue soak questions

Ed Kelle
>Somehow, I have never heard of this method until a few days ago, no idea how I could have missed it with all the reading I do. Anyhow, is there an article anywhere which gives more info on this?

Some of my questions are...

I assume you do a normal roughout of the punky wood before the soak, to the 10% thickness method right?

Once you have made the mixture and used it, will it keep for a while if stored in a lidded container?

What about drying after the soak? We talking days, weeks, months? Since you just put moisture back into the wood even though it was mixed with glue.

How does it effect sanding, does it gum up sandpaper instantly?

Any finishes that will not work on top after? I would most likely use a light coat of Deft after.

Right now it not a total priority for me since I just finished a spalted piece, but it would be nice to keep in mind for the future.

Maybe we should turn this into a chat some other nite if our guru's have some experience with this method that they would like to share with everyone.

If I missed this info while I was away just point me to where was previously posted, no need to type it all out again. I tried a search but didn't find much.

Any answers would be appreciated, thanks!

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White glue soak questions
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Thanks Wally!
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