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Grizzly Jaws on a Super Nova

Phil Joines Krum, Texas
>The Griz pin jaws came in today. To fit them to my Super Nove the screw holes needed to be inlarged to 6mm and the camfers deepened and widened to recess the screw heads. It took about 10 minutes to do all 4 jaws. The boss on the back of the jaws was a bit tight for the grove in the slides. A few licks with a file took care of it.

They will close down to a bit under 1/4", the Nova jaws to just over 3/8". As a test of trueness I put the pen mandrel in them and turned a blank down to about 1/16" thick. There is about 1/32" out of round but it's in the chuck body, not the jaws. Not good enough to turn pens. I'll continue to use the 1/4" collet for that.

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Grizzly Jaws on a Super Nova
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