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Tommorrow is the New Lathe Day

DaveAnderson (Pac NW)
>Hello to all,

I posted a while back when my wife said to buy a bigger lathe.
After greatly resisting temtation to order a OneWay 1640 or a Powermatic 2035B. I looked at the budget and decided to go for the Jet 1642VS 1/12 hp. I missed the Amazon 10% sale ( they could not gaurantee delivery before the end of April) Today I Called Frank at Equipment Sales and Surplus in Auburn, WA (Seattle Area) To see if they had any recon lathes in stock. No Luck! While I was talking to him about the Jet lathe I mentioned the Amazon sale. He told me that with free shipping that price was WAYYYY! below their cost.. There was no way he could come close. So I said well---what if I picked it Up? what would be the price. When he told $1550.00, I told him that I would be down tommorrow!!

Sometimes It's Better to be Lucky Than Good!
Dave Anderson
Sliding down the slippery slope and singing all the way!

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