Turning Archive 2006

Spalted White Birch Bowl *PIC*

George Van in WI
>I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought I would show this white birch bowl I finished a while ago. I roughed and cored a bunch of these off a tree I found last year and am finally getting around to finishing a few. It is 13”x5.25”, finished with oil/varnish mix, then buffed on the beal. I am not sure if I am completely satisfied with this finish and after I complete the few that are started will try a reduced gloss finish down to Krylon fixative only finish. This wood has been a lesson in keeping a tool very sharp as an almost sharp tool will break out the fiber badly. I will appreciate good cherry when I finish this bunch. Some areas were stabilized with Wally’s 50/50 white glue mix to cut cleanly.
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