Turning Archive 2006

John Lucas..... HELP

>I just set up my photo booth after 2 years in mothballs and got some halogen floods for my photo floods. I also got some new background seamless paper (I have a light blue, but got a light gray). I think I have a couple of problems with the new setup.

1) I purchased the paper over the internet and it seems too light. It is a very light gray. Would you recommend returning it for a darker gray? Definitely a problem of color rendition over the internet, also a small swatch gives a false idea of what a larger area will look like.

2) I purchases 90 watt halogen floods (1300 lumens) which don't even come close to the brightness I had originally (I can't remember the type of bulb, but they were made for photo floods, very bright, and larger than standard bulbs with standard bases). Is there a brighter halogen bulb with a standard base that will screw into my flood lamps?

I didn't try a test picture with the digital camera, as I'm pretty sure I'll have to exchange the paper.

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