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Thanks, Ken Oakley!

jim rutten
>I happened to be online the other morning when Ken left a message about some "cutoffs,rejects and oddball pieces" that he would give to someone for the price of postage. I sent him my e-mail and we got the transaction going. I got the box today and it's like an 8x10X8 jammed packed with all sorts of goodies. I live in Kansas and this thing has all sorts of fruitwoods and camphor in it that I could never get here. In fact, tonight I'm going to bring a few pieces to KC woodyurning and see if they want to give it away in the raffle. And let me tell you folks, if these are his "rejects" you need to get on the the ebay and buy some of his firsts. His ebay userid is Deltakong. Thanks, Ken!

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Thanks, Ken Oakley!
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