Turning Archive 2006

I Saw a 'Carole Valentine' Saturday

Charlie Anderson
>Our woodturning club had a mini-symposium Saturday. One of the session was on creating Southwest Forms. The demonstator was setting up and had put alot of hollow form samples out. Some were 'what to do' and some were 'what not to do'.

A small 2" form caught my eye. I picked up and said to the demonstrator, our own Ed Karch, 'This looks like a Carole Valentine!'. He said 'It is'. And when I turned it over, there her name was.

Of course it was a very nice HF and I suspect I've seen it here on WC.

Ed then pointed out there was also a Jennifer Shirley and a Molly Winton/Dave Smith on display. Jennifer's was hard to see, it was so small. And I'm not sure how I missed Molly's, it's such a distictive style.

Ed did a good job, too.

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