Turning Archive 2006

Griz chuck *LINK*

Phil Joines Krum,Tx
>I got a chance to check out the Grizzly "Lathe Chuck" this weekend. I can't see any differance between it and the Vicmark. It's well made. The Griz is $100. I don't recall the exact cost of the Vic but it's a good bit higher. The chucks don't use an adapter for the spindle but are available from 3/4-16 to 1 1/2-8 but not in 33mm. The included jaws hold an aproximatly 2" tennon. There are two accessory jaws, 1" pin and 4" dovetail. They are $18.95.

Since I have 4 Super Novas I was mostly interested in the jaws. They will interchange with the Super Nova and I beleave the original Oneway. The Griz pin jaws have a center opening of about 1/8". The Nova pin jaws won't hold anything smaller than 3/8" and I need to turn small diameter things fairly often. I'll be ordering a set of them today.

I understand from my friend that Griz sells replacement jaw screws at a good price but I already have extras.

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