Turning Archive 2006

36 grit blue wheel

john lucas
>Woodcraft in Nashville had these on the half price table. I picked one up. $15. I want a wheel to reshape tools so when I wear out the current wheels I'm going to a 36 grit on one side 60 or 80 on the other side. Will probably go with the Norton wheels to see how I like them.

I have 100 grit white wheels on there now and I think that's too fine a grit. I know people will argue, and there are times when I do hone the edge to get it sharper but most of the time it's not needed and when I don't get the jig in exactly the right position it takes too long to reestablish a clean edge.

I've been observing this question for a long time on all the boards and at demo's and 60 or 80 seem to be the norm for the professional turners.

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