Turning Archive 2006

Iowa WW Gathering

Carol from AZ
>This is also posted on the flat side, but it would not do to let the turners out of a fun event.

How about a gathering for Iowa (and surrounding states, if you want to drive some) woodworkers, flat and round. Woodworkers, not body types. Well, OK, body types, too. LOL

Nothing fancy, just lots of fun. Proposed dates are April 8 or April 22. Place still to be determined. Pot luck food, show and tell, lots of story-telling (or lie sawapping!) maybe a demo or two, and just lots of fun for a day.

This started with me looking for a shop to borrow to make thick wood thinner. Found one south of Cedar Rapids, but enough folks offered that a gathering was in the making. I am in Dubuque going to school. Either of those two Saturdays work for me. Later than that I have finals and then will be returning home to Arizona for the summer.

And if anyone wanted to bring a mini-lathe and let me make some sawdust on it, I would be most grateful. :-)

What say, guys and gals? Should other parts of the country have all the fun?

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