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Jet mini tip/improvement

Mark Wollschlager
>I have been frustrated more than a couple of times with my spindle-lockless Jet mini.
The knockout bar falls right out onto the floor when removing a sticky chuck or faceplate.
I have some 5mm rare earth magnets, slightly smaller than the holes in the headstock spindle.
De-grease the holes. A drop or two of thick CA in the bottom of the hole and stick the magnet on the end of the knockout bar and into the hole.
Wait for the CA to set, remove the knockout bar and another drop of CA on top.
Do the same thing to the other hole for balance.
Now the bar his held in place so I can use both hands.

Perhaps not an ideal solution, I will test for a while.
I am taking a chance they will fly out, but I think they are close enough to the center that forces will not be strong enough to whip them out.
I could be wrong, there might be a better adhesive.

Magnetizing the knockout bar, or attaching the magnet to the end may
work as well.
The magnet on the end might be harder to do unless it is set into the knockout bar a little to withstand the shock of knocking out drive centers or hitting the floor.

Try at your own risk or wait for a future report pro or con.


I didn't search around to see if this had been done before, so I apologize for having the same idea at a different time ;=).

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