Turning Archive 2006

new technique

john lucas
>Here is a sample of a new technique I'm working on. It has some accuracy problems but this was just a test to see if my idea would work. It's done with inside-out turning. If I'm going to let the edges show I need to be much more accurate in the depth of my rings and of course need to make them fit the grooves more accuately.

I cut 4 pieces of wood perfectly square, mounted them on the lathe as close to center as possible. Turned the ring grooves, turned the rings and inserted them. Then I cut the blank apart and reversed all 4 pieces. When Put them together to check for fit they were off over 1/4". I don't know where the problem lie's so I'll check every single step next time. Obviously I was off somewhere.

Hope the next inside out project goes better. It's waiting for the glue to dry.

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