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mahagony platter *PIC*

john lucas
>Here is a good shot of the mahagony platter that I posted a few days ago. The interesting thing here is the way it photographed. You don't see the dark half when you look at this thing in room light but when I tried to photograph it one half always went dark. In direct sunlight that shines through a window you get the same look.

I've had this happen on bookmatched veneer but usually the dark side will alternate from side to side depending on how the light hits it. This is due to one side of the wood facing the inside of the tree and one side facing the outside of the tree. I used to play with this technique when I did segmented work. If you are cutting wood in a stave fashion and you flip the wood to cut every piece when the bowl is assembled every other stave will be dark and change color when you rotate the bowl. It's intersting to experiment with this.

This piece was turned using the same technique as inside-out turning but the pieces were about 7x7 x 3/4" and turned as a platter instead of turned like a spindle. It has some interesting possibilities that you will see here shortly if I have enough time to play.

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mahagony platter *PIC*
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