Turning Archive 2006

OT: Dad's doing fine, my heart is good too

Mike Schwing from Md.
>3 weeks ago my Dad had a quintuple bypass. Around the time he learned of it, about 5 weeks ago, damned if I didn't start having odd chest pains, too. He is doing remarkably well in his recovery. My doc sent me for bloodwork - all is fine and dandy, and today I had a cardio stress test on the very same treadmill where my Dad had a heart attack during his stress test 9 years ago. They told me I have the new record on their treadmill, that "nobody has ever got to level 7", and I was just starting to get going in all honesty. They shut me down in 20 minutes and said most people don't go for 5 minutes, but their typical patient isn't a 40 year old Ironman. Was kind of amusing, and very comforting to know my heart is fine and dandy. They figure I have "costochondritis" - inflammation of connective tissue between sternum and ribs, or just sympathetic pains for my Dad. First time I ever had my BP tested while doing a treadmill stress test. I found that interesting. At my peak heartrate my BP was 177/68. At start of test it was 110/50. Fascinating stuff!

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