Turning Archive 2006

My Little Collection

>After reading the post the other day about our own personal collections, I decided I'd like to take a couple of shots of some of the things I have been so lucky to collect over the years. If you don't already, I really encourage you to start a little collection of your own. I love having all of these things in my possession. They are all treasures to me. They add so much to my space here and I never tire of looking at and studying them. Some were given to me, one was traded, some were purchased, some were from Secret Santa and the recent Turning Exchange. I'm sure you can identify some of the makers. My sorry photograph isn't doing any of them the justice they deserve. I had to remove the candles from the candle sticks in order to get them in my tent....they usually have candles in them :)

...if I've forgotten something that is still pearched on a shelf somewhere in my house...and it was from someone here at WoodCentral, I'm going to feel like a real heal! I don't think I have?



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