Turning Archive 2006

"Gathering" info update

>We will have to limit the Gathering to 200 people. I have ruled out the fairgrounds for this year because there is no 220 volt power available and all the demos would be in one building and the noise factor would be unacceptable. The Gathering will be held at my shop with the overflow using our club facility 1 mile away. We have about 10 people currently planning on doing demos and a couple more that are listed as "not sure yet". In any case there will be more demos than you can attend and there will be plenty of opportunity to get your hands on a lathe and practice what you have just been shown. We will be flexible so if you get here and several want to learn to make boxes then boxes it will be. I am now putting together a draft schedule of events but nothing is in concrete yet.
It is now time to start counting heads and pinning everything down. Please let me know if you are fairly certain that you will be coming to the event and how many will be in your party. Also let me know what you want to get from this event, what skill, what finish, whatever. The more I know the better prepared we will be. Please email me if you are coming and any requests you may have.
Thanks all,

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