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AAW Demo Videos to be On-Line *LINK*

Jerry Hall
>There is a new Woodworking site, demo only now, with lengthy videos on techniques. The first on is on use of drawknives and spokeshaves for making chairs. Now they are going to be providing video of past symposium demos. Announcement follows:
Woodworking Channel Friends -
The American Association of Woodturners Joins The Woodworking Channel Family

If you’re a turner I have some good news for you. The Woodworking Channel has reached an agreement with The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) to broadcast footage and demonstrations from their past symposiums.
First to air will be the 2005 symposium that took place in Overland Park, Kansas. Highlights from this event will include video of master techniques from David Lancaster, Laurent Guillot, Anthony Harris, Bob Hawks, Michael Werner, Yoshinobu Kakizawa, Andre Martel, Phil Irons, Robert Rosand.

We encourage viewers who are interested in woodturning and are not members of the AAW to check out their website and consider becoming a member. You can find them here – www.woodturner.org. Also, think about attending this year’s symposium in Louisville, Kentucky from June 22-24, 2006.

The Woodworking Channel is thrilled to kick off our turning content with such a prestigious partner. We look forward to adding even more for woodturners in the coming months.

By the way if you’re reading this somewhere else or someone has forwarded this message to you, be sure to register yourself at www.thewoodworkingchannel.com. Registering is the only way you’ll get all the content updates and the latest information about the launch. And, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the demonstration site to get a taste of what’s to come. The Woodworking Channel Demo Site

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