Turning Archive 2006

Any experience harvesting Ash?

Dave Belser
>The city recently cut a large Ash tree with 3-4 foot dia trunk. Tomorrow I will be cutting it up for turning. Last summer got to cut up some other large Ash sections that were straight and clear so the decisions were pretty easy. I basically just cut the sections into 4-6" slabs and then cut disks out. I saved some in between parts for spindle work. As I said all nice straight clear stuff.

This new tree is a different story. In addition to the usual dark center of ash there is also a lot of ant stain like I've seen in some maple. There are many crotches and large (8-12") scabs over spots where branches were trimmed. It looks like there my even be a burl.

Is there anything figure or grain specific to Ash that I should look for? I know to some extent it's always a roll of the dice once you start cutting, but any advice or experience would be great.


Dave in NH

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