Turning Archive 2006

Another introduction

David Charters (Durham, NC)
>Hi everyone, I have been poking around lurking on here for a little bit. I am more a Hand Tool Forum guy really, but then I got these great old Greenlee bench chisels, but they need handles! I need a lathe! Let me back up a bit though. Iím a 33 year old galoot in Durham NC. Hobby woodworker in one of the tiniest shops in the south. Love it! Ok, so I just joined the American Association of Woodturners, and I am all ready to go to my first meeting of the Woodturners Guild of North Carolina tomorrow night. I just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself. I imagine some of you are around NC, I hope to see some of you at the meeting. Iíll be the long haired hippie who has no idea what heís doing (or one of them if there are more). This forum is great and I have been digging all through the archives. I just wanted to say hi, and say thanks!
David Charters

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