Turning Archive 2006

Just got Back........Gloat!!!!! *PIC*

Barry Irby
>Just got back from a week in St Lucia. Spent the time in a villa on top of Twin Peaks with a view of the Pitons. The road up the hill was a real trip. About a mile past a dozen other houses, each with their own interpretation of paving, or NOT. Apparently the local language does not have a word for "Guard Rail". About a mile horizontally and nearly a thousand feet vertically. No heat or AC, no glass in the windows and no screens. Water came from the roof into a cistern. Fabulous view. Several great resorts near by with great restaurants and beaches.

The windows were louvered, obviously locally made. Stopped in town and spied a wood shop. They made the louvers and doors and lots of other things. I was amazed to see the wood was Treated Yellow Pine, from Canada. They gave me some local mahogany and white cedar to bring home to turn. The Customs people looked at it as if I were another crazy tourist and made me check the bag. I guess it looked like a club to them.

The picture is a view off the pool deck with a cruise ship giving people a glimpse of the resort between the Pitons that Oprah is supposed to have listed as one of the top ten things to do in the world.

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