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Mini Metal Lathe - Knurling Wood...Uh? *PIC*

David Lykins - Marietta GA - guitardude
>Yes I've always been a little different... so I've been making some guitar bodies of which I decided needed matching wooden control knobs. I make the control knobs by drilling a 1/2" hole in my knob blank, then inserting a 1/2" dia. bushing that gets a hole drilled and tapped with an 8/32 thread in order to accept an 8/32 set screw. The set screw is used not only to hold the knob on the potienometer (POT) for the volume and tone controls of the guitar, but also to lock it in place when I turn it on my metal lathe.

Anyway, I have a full size knurling tool that I'll have to grind down in order to get it to fit in my metal lathe. However, if its not going to knurl the wood I'm waisting my time.

So my question is, Is there a better way to get a knurled or textured type surface on a turned peice of wood. I doesn't have to cover the entire surface of the side, just something that looks good and would make it easier to turn.

Here's a pic that should give you an idea of the texture I'm looking for, my wood knob on the left (maple with a black walnut cap, also has a small pearl dot inlay on top) and a standard metal knurled knob on the right.

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