Turning Archive 2006

Buzy Weekend - Box Elder

Barry Turner
>It was a busy weekend for me. I just scored some bowl blanks of Acer Negundo this afternoon. A friend of mine had called several days ago to say that he was taking down a fairly large Box Elder tree in his yard and did I want any. I had told him about my bowling turning addiction several months earlier.

Joyce and I borrowed her Dad's truck, bought gas for the chainsaw (and truck) and set out to retrieve our bounty. The tree was already down and all that was left was a log ranging in size from about 12" in diameter to 19", already cut into sections. I fired up the chainsaw and split five of these segments lengthwise. So, now I have ten (10) bowl blanks of varying sizes. I hauled it home and sealed the ends. This was the first real try out I had given my new Stihl. It performed like a dream.

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