Turning Archive 2006

Jet mini Tailstock fix *PIC*

john lucas
>One of the problems with the jet mini is the tailstock slips. To get around this I made a bigger tailstock locking plate. I screwed a 1 ¼” x 1/8’ x 4” long piece of mild steel to a 2” X ¼” x4” piece of mild still. Then I drilled a hole ½” in diameter for the locking screw.

To keep the plate from rotating and to make it easier to get on and off I drilled a 1/8” hole in the tailstock and inserted a roll pin. I put a spring on this to keep the locking plate “open”. This makes it easier slide the tailstock on and off.

Before I screwed the 1/8” piece to the big piece I draw filed the large piece to flatten it and remove the scale. If you bought metal that was cold rolled it wouldn’t have this scale but you still need to check to see if the metal is flat. It’s the size and the flatness that makes it work as a locking plate. Mine isn’t perfect, it slips when you apply a lot of pressure but it’s sure better than the smaller plate. If you wanted one that really works take a piece of 3/8” metal and have it machined so there is a 1 ¼” raised strip. This will be flat and will lock more securely.

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