Turning Archive 2006

Having fun today *PIC*

john lucas
>I hope you all are having as much fun as I am. I had to take a break. I've been in the shop playing all morning. In typical Lucas fashion I have about 4 projects going at once. This is the second platter today. It is in the early stages of finishing. It is an inside-out platter. I haven't turned one of those in many years and thought I would try it again. It was carved on the outside of course. The other platter is a piece of wood that Barbara gave me. It's going to be really nice when I get it done.

Now I'm going back out to finish the work on the jet mini lathe tailstock lock adaptor. You'll like this if you have a with a tail stock that slips, big or little. Then I'm going to build my son a custom made jewelers screwdriver for his bass clarinet. Wish I had a Nickle plated ferrul for it.

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