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Y'all missed the tool/lathe/wood give away! Whew!!

Molly Winton
>Thankfully my dear sweet husband didn't post on the turning messageboard, but mistakenly posted on the main board! While I was away in sunny California visiting my folks with the kids, my stinker of a husband posted on the main board a hello from me, and explained my week long absence. He ended the post with a post script that Saturday morning there would be a great turning tool/lathe/wood give away at our home. I returned from our trip Saturday night!

To the two of you who did see it and respond: JL-shame, shame, shame!!! Taking advantage of a poor defenseless, ABSENT turner in order to increase the bounty of your own shop! (Quite brilliant actually!) Jim-I can always count on you for a sweet comment. Thanks!

To the rest of y'all --- NEENER, NEENER, NEENER Because I know, had you known, you'd've been here in a heartbeat.

Larry did put a "(wink)" at the end of his give-away statement, but.......

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkk, and I missed you all sorely!

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Y'all missed the tool/lathe/wood give away! Whew!!
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