Turning Archive 2006

Jet mini slow speed. *PIC*

john lucas
>I finished playing with the Jet mini VS modification. Here are photos of the modification. I put a 1meg ohm potentiometer in series with the middle lead of the vs potentiometer. You can get the pot from Radio shack. A 500k pot would also work but doesn't reduce the speed quite as far.

The middle lead of the VS pot is white. I just cut that lead and ran a wire from that lead to one side of the 1meg pot. Then I attached the white lead from the board to the middle lead of the 1meg pot.

I drilled a hole in the top of the control box. Then I drilled a smaller hole for the pin that keeps the pot from spinning. I installed the 1meg pot in this hole. I didn't have a knob to fit it yet.

I'll post photos below of the modification. This should slow the lathe down to around 60 rpm. I don't know how much power will be lost so roughing at this speed may not be possible but you can adjust the variable speed knob to zero which will be around 500 rpm and then adjust the 1meg pot so it slows down to 300 or 400 rpm and be able to rough out of round pieces more safely.

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