Turning Archive 2006

My first posting on WC *PIC*

Chip Sutherland
>Been turning. Here are 2 new pieces

The Curly Myrtle came from Curly Woods. The blank behind the finished bowl gives the beginning perspective. The bowl is finished in tung oil and buffed on the Beall system. My tastes lean towards a rim feature and small thin footings. End grain tearout was a nuisance but manageable. The foot was turned with my version of the compression chuck courtesy of Bill G tutelage. The dimensions are: 3 1/8H x 7 11/16W and 1/8 thick walls consistently to just over 3/16" at the foot.

The prop behind the Mahogany platter is the actual cutoff from a 18"x14" 6/4 blank I received courtesy of a friend who builds custom doors. The blank was cut on my bandsaw at 13 3/4". The rim features a double bead and single shoulder. The outer bead being the smaller one. Finished dimensions are: 1 1/2" Tall x 13 1/4 wide. Inside depth is just over 1". The rim is 1" and the primary thickness is 1/4". Finish is 2 coats of Tung oil. It will get a 3rd coat then buffed on the Beall system in 3-4 weeks after the last coat is cured.

Actual time for this platter turning until finishing was about 5 hrs of work. My turning efficiency is improving.

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